Video is often the starting point in designing security specifications today and for good reason. It’s the workhorse of physical security, can be integrated with other technologies such as intrusion detection and access control and provides additional eyes and positive identification in areas where you can’t always be.

APL Access & Security provides the highest levels of expertise in planning and executing the use of new or upgraded video cameras at your place of business. Video can do so much today– providing safeguards, intelligence and other data to assist with business operations–in addition to traditional security.

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Integrating Technology for Higher Security & Accountability

Integrated security solutions aren’t just marketing buzzwords or a sneaky sales tactic designed to get you to purchase more products. They represent the path to greater efficiency, connectivity, awareness, data and security at your business or facility.

APL Access & Security is your integrated solution provider and we continue to look at ways to build stronger security systems by pairing complimentary technologies together in an effort to provide the highest level of service to our customers.

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Funding on the Upswing for School Security


APL Access & Security can help plan your next project

APL Access & Security is your expert when it comes to school safety and security. We’re ready to discuss your options for installing new security or upgrading the system that you already have. We will sit down with you and discuss what your needs and challenges are, focusing on the consultative process before technology is planned, in order to give you exactly what you need for your facility and so that students, administration and parents can be assured that the plan is custom-tailored for the highest levels of safety and security. Continue reading “Funding on the Upswing for School Security”

Taking School Security Seriously with Shooter Detection Technologies

It’s become critical today for school administration to address the ongoing issue of security at K-12 and higher educational facilities given the state of ongoing malicious threats and the potential for active shooters. APL Access & Security is addressing the needs of the school security market with the latest proven products that include lock down capabilities and gunshot detection technologies. To learn more about Shooter Detection Systems please visit here. We are experts in integrating these systems so our customers can benefit from a holistic, proactive plan to prevent tragedy and potential loss.

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APL at Call of Duty Conference July 18-21, 2018

If you have not already, be sure to register for the 65th Annual Conference and Exposition, the Call of Duty Conference July 18-21, 2018, sponsored by the Arizona Association of School Business Officials. APL Access and Security will be there exhibiting throughout the event. Visit us at Booth #338, we’d love to see you there. To register to the event please Click Here

Schools today face more security challenges than ever and need ways to meet those unique needs without sacrificing a warm learning environment. APL Access and Security has specialized in providing commercial security solutions for over 30 years. We specialize in all aspects of security integration and help schools effectively, and affordably bolster their physical security.

The Call of Duty Conference provides us with the opportunity to highlight some of the latest and most sophisticated technologies being deployed in the educational market today.

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For more information about the event, please call us at 866-873-2288