When it comes to integrated systems solutions, intrusion detectors and sensors are smart and necessary devices. They provide the basis for alerting breaches at the protected premises and can also be used in other security activities, including triggering camera recordings or in conjunction with access control, doors, and closers. With more robust microprocessor power and enhanced overall performance, they continue to develop into integral devices that initiate and integrate a range of processes and are applicable to a variety of vertical markets and businesses.

The category of intrusion detection is transforming dramatically and this trend will continue with the move to the Internet of Things (loT) and growing reliance on sensors as gateways to connectivity in building automation processes. With greater reliability, ‘catch’ or triggering performance, fortified signal strength and ever-improving aesthetics, sensors and detectors are important components in commercial, industrial and even critical infrastructure and government specifications.

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In just a few short months, school will be over and summer vacation will be in full swing! For APL Access & Security no matter what time of year it is we stay focused on providing the best consultative and technology solutions for the K-12 education markets, watching for new developments and potential systems that may assist in bolstering safety and security.

As specialists in integrated systems and school security, APL Access & Security always takes a consultative approach first—and only suggests technology that can solve the challenges or issues in a cost-effective manner that do not impede the education process or movement of students and faculty within the structure. We implement a layered and tiered approach to securing and hardening school buildings and campuses—relying on an initial assessment of potential risk, current security measures, possible past breaches and any incidents or history that may be part of the overall discussion leading up to the proposal for the installed solution.

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What is your vision of security? How do you want your facility and employees protected, and what’s most important to you?

Your vision of security is individual and depends on what you are trying to achieve as far as safety and security. Finding the right solution starts with a close look at any risks, challenges, and issues and should involve all security, IT and other stakeholders at your company or operations. Once you’ve determined your specific needs with a risk assessment—whether perimeter detection, door control or surveillance of sensitive areas or warehouse operation, it’s time to tailor the solution to meet those requirements. That’s where a professional systems integration company like APL Access & Security steps in as your trusted consultant, advisor and business partner.

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You owe it to yourself, your business and your employees to have the best security and safety technology practices in place. No matter what vertical market your business operates in, APL Access & Security is your expert specializing in creating targeted solutions to achieve safety, security and compliance for your business or commercial facility. Whether its corporate offices, education, data centers or other commercial businesses, our goal is to always stay current with the latest certifications, qualifications and targeted technology so that our customers are assured that they can handle whatever security or operational challenges they may encounter.

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Intelligent Intrusion Detection

How the technology prevents false alarms and yields better reliability

Intrusion detectors, also referred to as motion sensors, are a critical component of a physical security solution. These devices can be used to detect an unauthorized presence at the protected facility, as well as integrated with video surveillance to trigger cameras recording upon an alarm alert.

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