Convenient, secure and ready to use

You reach for your smartphone and can’t find it. The search begins. Your heartbeat quickens and palms begin to sweat. You start thinking about or anticipating missed messages, calls and not being connected.

That’s exactly why the smartphone as an access control credential is such a critical component to security today—you rarely leave home without it.
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Each day, consumers are inundated with email, television and internet ads boasting the latest do-it-yourself or self-monitored security system. The reality is that only professionally designed and installed security systems can provide you the highest level of detection and protection for your business and facility.
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During APL Access & Security’s 30-plus years in business, never did we realize that we would be called on to protect students from a gunman, assailant or terrorist. Now, providing this type of training and technology to the education vertical market as an integrated platform is critical. For K-12 educational facilities and campus wide, APL Access & Security provides the best, leading-edge systems for comprehensive safety and security of students, staff and visitors.
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Protecting Your Data Center

Server rooms and computer areas require special attention

With the heightened focus on cybersecurity threats and network compromise in the wake of the WannaCry global ransomware attacks in May 2017, it’s only natural businesses are on high alert to protect their computer systems. While ransomware attacks occur online, it’s critical for companies to take extra precaution to safeguard their data and server rooms from unauthorized users or environmental issues that could seriously compromise business continuity and cause insurmountable monetary loss.

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Take the next best step in securing your facility

It’s great to be able to use your smartphone or tablet to check in on your facility, review activity or stay in touch with what’s going on in general. But what happens when there’s an actual break-in or other incident that requires police response or other urgent follow-up? That’s exactly why you need professional central station monitoring services from APL Access & Security.

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