The New Year is nearly upon us. It’s time to reflect on the year past and what we can do in 2019 to assist your facility with the highest levels of security and safety while you leverage your solutions for value-add services that assist with accountability, management, and business operations.

At APL Access & Security we focus on providing solutions created solely for your business and operations. We don’t offer cookie-cutter or template designs. We don’t lead with technology. We start with you, learning your challenges, issues, and opportunities. Only then do we weave in the appropriate technology so we can help you can accomplish your goals.

Custom integration is what we excel at. It’s our founding philosophy and it doesn’t mean costly. It means a tailored system that’s convenient and easy to use, giving you a seamless user experience.

APL Access & Security stays well-briefed on the latest improvements in security and connected solutions. Customization allows us to pinpoint and execute the right combination of technology, processes, and procedures in an integrated approach. That idea encompasses more than security. Intrusion detectors, sensors, surveillance, and other integrated technologies mean a healthier return-on-investment (ROI) because you can leverage energy management and critical temperature monitoring, as well as gather other real-time information and data that helps you run your business more effectively.

Security today is about data and analytics gleaned from daily activities. The trend toward greater system intelligence will continue into 2019 and beyond as everything becomes IP connected.

The IP world we live in offers new insights. Network-connected high-definition cameras are the perfect devices for capturing activity inside and outside protected premises. Cameras can be integrated with access control for Human Resources and personnel record keeping or incorporated into warehouse operations for evidence in liability claims such as slip and falls or shop incidents. Video analytics assist with retail marketing, product ordering or supply chain distribution. There are many new and exciting ways to leverage video cameras in different applications around your business.

Internet of Things

Connected detectors and sensors are smarter than ever and will continue to expand—Detectors can sense motion to trigger an alarm notification but also activate surveillance cameras and track subjects coming into or moving around your facility. IP and network connectivity allow us to send a video snapshot to your smartphone, or a text or email notification of a breach or issue as it occurs.

Access control continues to raise the bar, more often incorporating facial recognition, which has become reliable and cost-effective. The smartphone is dominating as a primary entrance credential that’s convenient and secure with two-factor authentication. Access control in educational facilities now incorporates real-time lock-down, emergency communications, and even shooter detection.

An integrated solution built for your business not only increases ROI but provides a lower total cost of ownership when carefully planned and executed. That’s what APL Access & Security is here for. Contact us today at 866-873-2288 so we can make your 2019 safer and more secure.

Outdoor and perimeter detection is your first line of defense in physical security protection. That’s because effective security is all about layering technologies and instituting safeguards, starting with the furthest points of the facility outdoors and with the overall goal to deter intruders before they become an actual threat or wreak havoc to your building or its occupants.

It’s not enough to have security at the door to your business. You need a fully integrated, total solution approach, and that’s where APL Access & Security has the expertise and know-how to successfully lessen and mitigate the potential for risk or loss.

Access control at the entrance and throughout your facility, as well as cameras and surveillance, are a must. But when there is only security at your door and not around the perimeter as well, it exposes your facility, making your occupants vulnerable to a multitude of potential hazards. Hardening and fortifying your exterior then becomes a critical issue and solutions can be designed in such a way to provide early warning and give your occupants time to protect themselves, take flight or call for assistance.

Start outside to eliminate threats

Technology for outdoor perimeter protection has evolved substantially, with refinements yielding pinpoint accuracy in detection. Products now integrate seamlessly with other solutions to more fully fortify your premises. Gates, fencing, structures, bollards, and even landscaping provide substantial deterrence. Wireless and hardwired disturbance or motion sensors on fences or gates integrate with video surveillance and access control to further ‘up’ the level of protection.

For the outdoor environment, today many security features are working together in tandem to more effectively keep your business safe, including video, access control, lighting, mass notification, emergency communication, intercoms, paging, campus lock-down, and gunshot detection. APL Access & Security is an expert in planning and integrating technologies. We can implement the security roadmap and technology to assist with keeping threats and security challenges at bay and outside the reaches of your perimeter by emphasizing layering technologies with a designed solution that matches perfectly with your specific security issues or challenges.

Effective perimeter security is all about deterrence, real-time detection and delaying potential wrongdoing at your campus, office or place of business. Contact APL Access & Security today to learn how you can boost security from the outside, in. Call us today at 1-866-873-2288 for your personal consultation and site evaluation.


Consider low- and high-tech methods for greater protection and detection.

At APL Access & Security we always start with an in-depth analysis of your property and a deep-dive discussion with customers to determine security issues or risk. As a top-tier systems integrator and consultative security expert, the first critical step is always non-product specific – the site survey and evaluation – and this takes place before any solution is selected.
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