RFID and Geo-Location Services


Boost the efficiency of your business with wireless location technologies

It’s easy to add greater efficiencies to your security and enhance business operations with the latest radio frequency identification (RFID) and global positioning systems (GPS). These technologies have advanced to provide more accurate geo-location mapping and tracking services – so you know what’s happening with your business, operations or fleet management 24/7. Continue reading “RFID and Geo-Location Services”

Is Your Access Control System Due for an Upgrade?


Take your security to the next level with IP-based security

Access control is a mainstay of security, protecting the perimeter and spaces within a facility or commercial building. The technology, like other products, has changed dramatically over the last several years and dropped in price, with a new breed of network-connected electronic access control emerging and bringing a higher level of intelligence to the security opening.
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Keep your system healthy and maximize uptime

Service and maintenance is not a bad thing. In fact, it’s a proactive measure that ultimately is designed to keep your integrated solution running optimally to avoid any type of system outage that might affect business continuity and operations.
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Now you can leverage cameras for more than security

Video surveillance continues its rapid mainstream march—with internet Protocol (IP) network cameras accounting for 53 percent of all CCTV shipped in 2015 and one billion active camera streams forecast by 2020. Intelligent analytics are producing more data from cameras, and that information can be leveraged for additional functionality beyond security prevention, detection and identification.

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