Consider low- and high-tech methods for greater protection and detection.

At APL Access & Security we always start with an in-depth analysis of your property and a deep-dive discussion with customers to determine security issues or risk. As a top-tier systems integrator and consultative security expert, the first critical step is always non-product specific – the site survey and evaluation – and this takes place before any solution is selected.
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Now you can leverage cameras for more than security

Video surveillance continues its rapid mainstream march—with internet Protocol (IP) network cameras accounting for 53 percent of all CCTV shipped in 2015 and one billion active camera streams forecast by 2020. Intelligent analytics are producing more data from cameras, and that information can be leveraged for additional functionality beyond security prevention, detection and identification.

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Video Surveillance Today

Make use of your analog cameras as you migrate to the network

Analog cameras are still viable for video surveillance and may still be well-suited for smaller businesses and establishments that need CCTV for an added measure of security. They are less expensive than Internet Protocol (IP) networked cameras and currently have a large installed based.

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