4 significant industry developments for the New Year

It’s no secret that the security industry is changing rapidly. The ongoing transformation is bringing new capabilities to your security, surveillance and life safety systems—resulting in an even stronger return on investment and value proposition. Continue reading “”


How to get the whole team involved in a more holistic approach

It’s in the news daily. No company today is immune from cyber security breaches and the potential loss of critical data. Unfortunately, many of these are now insider threats, coming from employees or subcontractors to a business. While this is an extreme example for most businesses, it’s important that the whole team at your business is on board with security to minimize these and other potential threats. Continue reading “”

Is Your Access Control System Due for an Upgrade?


Take your security to the next level with IP-based security

Access control is a mainstay of security, protecting the perimeter and spaces within a facility or commercial building. The technology, like other products, has changed dramatically over the last several years and dropped in price, with a new breed of network-connected electronic access control emerging and bringing a higher level of intelligence to the security opening.
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Keep your system healthy and maximize uptime

Service and maintenance is not a bad thing. In fact, it’s a proactive measure that ultimately is designed to keep your integrated solution running optimally to avoid any type of system outage that might affect business continuity and operations.
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