Back to School Safety Tip #4

Back to School Safety Tip #4 (courtesy of DMP): Your DMP system features notifications that are sent to your App when children come home from school. Each child should be given his or her own code for added security, and you can also make sure they re-arm the system once inside.


Back to School Safety Tip #3

Back to School Safety Tip #3 (Courtesy of DMP): It’s important to inform your children that it is NEVER safe to answer the door while home alone. So, when you need to see who is at your door, cameras can add an extra layer of security for you and your child. Teach your kids how to view cameras from their smart phone.


Back to School Safety Tip #2

Back to School Safety Tip #2 (courtesy of DMP): A Z-wave lock eliminates the need for a key and can be opened with a smart phone. Just give your kids their own special code and no one has to worry about a lost key.


SDM 2016 Top Security Integrators Report

APL Access & Security came in at #65 on the SDM 2016 Top Security Integrators Report. Check it out here




Taking a Bite out of Cybercrime

We take network and data security seriously

Cyber security is a hot topic. Daily news is regularly peppered with stories about data compromise, an expensive proposition to businesses and corporations across the globe. In fact, the average annualized cost of cybercrime in 2015 was $15 million, representing nearly a 20 percent increase year over year and an 82 percent increase since the Ponemon Institute’s Cost of Cyber Crime Study was created some seven years ago. In addition, the need for data security is ranked as the top priority for investing in IT funding by 70 percent of companies surveyed by IDG Research Services for a recent Datalink report. Seventy-five percent of organizations consider IT security more important today than just two years ago and 74 percent have security projects in the works.

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