Industrial / Manufacturing

Industrial and manufacturing environments present a host of different risks. Targeted solutions, including video, intrusion and access control assist in providing an additional level of real-time security and assessment of safety.

Use video to assess stocking and warehousing applications, or to make sure processes and procedures are being followed and within compliance parameters. Couple video with intrusion and access control at key areas to deter, prevent and receive real-time visual verification of theft. Use communications and intercoms throughout for announcements and real-time communications of emergencies or other events that keep personnel notified immediately.

Beyond Surveillance

Pipes, sensitive equipment and other critical systems can be monitored with temperature sensing thermal imaging cameras. Video surveillance with added analytics can help to ensure your product belts are running optimally without adding costly staff. With carefully positioned cameras above the product belts, an alarm will trigger if the camera notices something different including the belt stoppage, product spillage and much more.