For any size business, protecting their assets with layered security that includes some form of verification is a primary concern because merely detecting an issue is not enough. Photo beams and motion detectors trigger an alarm condition when crossed, but do not provide a way to know if that alarm is a genuine one. Video surveillance alone can provide evidence of a crime, but without someone watching the video alarm trigger, there is no way to respond to the trigger in the immediacy. While advanced video analytics is very helpful in identifying true alarms many systems are far too costly for the average business and affordable systems with analytics either require too much daily input from the end-user to be effective or are simply poorly designed and unreliable. This is where Videofied provides an incalculable advantage.

How Videofied Works

Videofied is wireless video surveillance technology which is used for real-time video transmission of alarm triggers. The system utilizes motion sensors/viewers which transmit images wirelessly to a main unit located in the best spot for range.

Since it is completely wireless, the system provides significant savings on labor to install such devices and makes it ideal for construction site security, outdoor intrusion detection, and temporary security systems. Images immediately transmit over a cell or internet network to a central station to indicate if there is, in fact, an intruder on the property or if it’s just environmental or other non-emergency cause.

Top Advantages of Using Videofied

  • The system does not use or require a POTS line, which saves money for the end user.
  • Sensors can be installed anywhere that is needed.
  • Videofied alarms play a significant role in fighting and reducing property crime – not just deterring it. According to crime statistics, one arrest prevents 30 additional burglaries.
  • Better information transmitted swiftly and reliably means faster police response times.
  • Easily integrates with physical security systems.
  • Interactive video alarm system with smartphone look-in capabilities.
  • Sending 10-second video clips to an email when video clips are activated along with video going to a central station operator

APL Access & Security is an authorized Videofied  Integrator in Arizona with offices in Gilbert and Tucson, serving the entire State and Southwest Region. At APL Access & Security, we focus on meeting the physical security needs of individual organizations with customized solutions. To learn more about Videofied or how it can help make your business safer and more secure, call us today at 866-873-2288.

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