Wireless: An Easy Way to Extend Security & Safety


Great news for your business or facility: wireless is the perfect way to add another layer of detection to your existing security system or, add a standalone solution for new or remote areas or locations. Wireless helps you put protection anywhere, or where you want a little extra coverage, such as a stockroom door or loading dock.

Wireless can piggyback off and fortify traditional hardwired security technologies and infrastructures. It’s simple to install, cost-effective and radio frequency (RF) refinements provide solid performance with fewer false alarms. New and ongoing development in technology, standards, reliability, signal strength and penetration are also hastening development—and the benefactor is the user and the protected premises.

Go On… Go Wireless

The technology is ushering in new and emerging applications, like temperature logging, pulse counting, water sensing, gunshot detection, lighting, automation and more, providing an easy way to add new services or provide compliance accountability and recordkeeping. Wireless turns what you thought might be a difficult-to-cable (and therefore costly) project into an affordable specification.

Wireless today uses a variety of communication technologies that range from infrared, microwave, lightwave, radio, cellular, satellite, Wi-Fi, Zigbee and Z-Wave, along with some proprietary signaling. In recent years, there have been numerous developments in wireless frequencies for physical security transmission, making Bluetooth, Zigbee, Z-Wave and LoRa (long-range) adaptable for commercial use as well.

Wireless products on the market include cameras, indoor and outdoor sensors, access control readers, as well as others like those listed above. Think of all the potential uses you may have for additional and affordable security and safety when you aren’t tethered to cables—and let’s start a discussion on all the possibilities.

There’s good reason to investigate wireless signaling technology for physical security, safety, and automation. It’s a go-to technology that’s an easy way to extend your existing or new security solution. Contact APL Access & Security today for more information at 866-873-2288.

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