Control security at entrances, exits, and throughout the facility.

Access control is the lynchpin of effective security in and around your facility. Control entrances and exits and integrate technology to human resources functionality to track movement and activity. Combine it with video for visual identification of those authorized – or unauthorized trying to gain entrance. Select from the latest turnstiles,  wireless technology solutions, or high-security biometrics for areas that may require special coverage.

Fortify your premises with these access control benefits:

  • System management via authorized smart devices from anywhere in the world
  • Powerful, real-time management 
  • Upgrade using your existing wiring and electronic locking hardware
  • Customized components (access cards, fobs, codes, or mobile credentials)
  • Cloud-based solutions
  • Customized reports: Automatically emailed to you
  • Administration and support by industry experts
  • 24/7 Customer support included

Entrust APL Access & Security’s security experts to determine which access control solutions are the “right fit” for you.