This critical infrastructure customer deserves the best. APL Access & Security provides the highest safety and security levels fine-tuned to meet codes, regulations, and other criteria to stay in compliance.

Providing the latest technologies to meet the needs of cities, states, municipalities, and other higher government levels, including the critical infrastructure.

Considerations For Government Facilities:

Can you easily identify who is allowed on the premises?

What areas need to be restricted?

How can you use ID badges for multiple applications?

What current systems and databases need to be integrated?

How can you easily issue licenses, permits, & passes to ensure compliance?

How long are people waiting in lines to access services?


Custom-designed And Tailored Solutions Range From:

  • Integrated security
  • Access control
  • Video surveillance
  • Intrusion detection
  • Intercom and communications systems
  • Electrified door hardware
  • Gate entry systems

We design and specify security specific to the customer to provide the highest safety and security level throughout the facility and protect personnel and notable officials.