A reliable solution that immediately provides real-time visibility of the situation can be the difference between chaos or lives saved.

When it comes to managing crises in schools, having knowledge and time at your disposal is crucial. In many situations, decision-makers have limited information but are required to make critical decisions in a matter of seconds. This is where reliable School Lockdown Systems come into play, as they provide real-time visibility and the ability to quickly lockdown classrooms, which can mean the difference between chaos and saved lives.

APL Access & Security uses SIELOX CLASS Crisis Lockdown Alert Status System to address crisis management’s two critical needs in one solution. SIELOX CLASS allows administrators to reduce communication time and keep students safe with immediate lockdown procedures.

With Our School Lockdown Solutions, You’ll Have:

  • Immediate Lockdown
  • Accessible from Anywhere, Anytime – iPad, Droid, Smartphone, Desktop, Laptop, Smart Board
  • WAN, LAN, WIFI, High-speed Cell (4G or LTE)
  • Available Stand Alone or Integrated with Access Control, Paging, and Mass Notification
  • Email and Text
  • Two-way Chat between Classroom and Responders
  • Customizable to Meet your Lockdown Rules
  • Alerts Initiated from the Classroom or Anywhere
  • No Visible Status Indicators for the Intruder or Active Shooter
  • Critical Situational Awareness
    • First responders receive instant status updates for response and deployment from command centers and patrol cars
    • First responders not walking blindly into harm’s way
    • Provides for timely, accurate decisions
    • Precise lockdown and/or color status

Trust APL Access & Security to equip you with real-time classroom status, updates, and locations with a system that easily integrates with your existing network.