Multi-tenant security is essential to protect and provide peace of mind for residents and employees. A well-designed security system with video surveillance, access control, gate access, and intercom can cultivate a safe and secure living environment for all residents and minimize crime such as trespassing, vandalism, and theft.


How we can assist:

  • Video Surveillance: Monitor who is coming and going with 24/7/365 monitored video surveillance
  • Access Control: Key cards, fobs, and cloud-based access solutions grant access to those who have it, keep out those who don’t, and monitor who is coming and going.
  • Gate Access: Keep unauthorized vehicles and trespassers off the property with perimeter gates.
  • Intercom: Employees and tenants can see and control who enters residential buildings.

APL Access & Security will work with you to ensure your multi-tenant residential community is equipped with the latest security technologies that will make your tenants feel safe at home.