We can provide remote managed services for assistance with your security systems without sending a technician on-site.

What Are Managed Services?

Your security system’s hardware and network can be monitored, managed, and accessed remotely by our skilled technicians.

How does Managed Service work?

With Managed Services, you’ll always know when one of your facility’s security devices,  software, or network components is underperforming or malfunctioning in its capability to secure your assets. Our technicians can remotely manage any security components such as access control or video surveillance software, cameras, access control controllers, intrusion systems, or any other network device or software.

Remote technicians can perform a variety of functions:

  • Add/delete access badges
  • Install new or updated software (such as updates, patches, or custom configurations)
  • Observe managed device and software behaviors for diagnostic tasks and preventative maintenance
  • Install and configure devices such as video cameras, sensors, or access control devices.
  • Check performance metrics such as CPU and RAM usage of servers and computers
  • Identify network and bandwidth usage trends
  • Monitor the availability and uptime of network devices
  • Monitor custom web application functionality

APL Access & Security is prepared to provide remotely managed services that ensure your entire system is always performing to its total capacity.