The Age of AI Security: Access Control Facial Recognition

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High-end, maximum-security facilities of many varieties have (for the most part) run the gamut of procedures for granting building access based on identity confirmation. From the early days of simply checking photo IDs and scannable employee badges programmed to unlock doors, buildings have been developing their security to be tighter, with a goal of becoming impenetrable. Despite the efforts, the guarantee of completely preventing unauthorized entry remained elusive. Our own technology has been effective at controlling entrance and exit activity, and as we continue to evolve, such new advancements will increase overall potency.


An Age of Advancement

A science of protection has emerged to become an established role of Artificial Intelligence. ‘AI’ is paving the way for related technologies, leading a new era of security, one more advanced than ever before. Facility access control that limits entrants to ‘authorized personnel entry only’ is more streamlined than ever, incorporating enterprise-grade biometrics with multi-sensor technology.

Co-Dependency: Technology / Security

Controlling building access is a responsibility at the very core of keeping a location secure, while further integration of technology has yielded a new level of precise functionality. For particularly sensitive areas that require a level of access assurance not currently widely available, combine our services with turnstiles, wireless tech, or, most impressive of all, high-security biometrics facial recognition for vital areas that require extra coverage.

Integration Installation

Through this path of integration, an existing access control system becomes ultra-modernized. Instant correspondence between AI and analytics provides the reassurance of correctly granting important access permissions with hi-tech software backing up such determinations of sensitive decisions. The following cutting-edge technologies are combined to produce the most accurate facial recognition to date: 

  • Enterprise-grade biometrics
  • Multi-sensor technology
  • PoE+ connectivity (power over ethernet)

Ultimately the goal of preventing security breaches can be achieved. Choose either a single- or multi-factor solution for secure entry automation, the latter designed to thwart attempts at tailgating. The type of building in question largely determines the level of technology needed for implementation.

Applicable Facilities

Facial recognition is an omnipresent factor in the verticals of security. It can be the determining point for whether someone is granted entrance to a high-security building – a decision not lightly made in a tightly monitored world!

Are you in a profession that incorporates high tech with advanced security? If so, contact us asap for an assessment of your building’s protection needs. We will provide a detailed strategy that will ultimately provide security that is currently unmatched in the industry.

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