We Discuss Access Control In April’s Issue of SDM Magazine


2020 brought a lot of uncertainty, and while many anticipated that access control would suffer, the opposite happened. Despite the countless negative impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, sales from access control are what kept many security businesses afloat. With an increased emphasis on access control, the market is projected to continue growing over the next several years. As more businesses open up, we anticipate more access control activity.

“Many of our customers are securing their facilities more because people are working from home. Our customers used the past year to make sure all of their security solutions are up to date and to add more card access control systems.”

Henry Olivares, our president, discusses how we’re one of the leading integrators in automating how our customers upgrade their access control systems.

“We’re pushing more of the web-based access control systems, including cloud-based access control,” Olivares says. “We are actively marketing this solution more to our customers. By taking this approach, we can automate the process to upgrade access control systems each year, and it will reduce the number of times our technicians physically have to go to customer sites since much of this work can be handled remotely and in the cloud.”

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