Why You Should Upgrade To HD Video Surveillance


If you’re still operating an analog or digital video surveillance system that isn’t high definition (HD), it might be time for you to upgrade. Upgrading your video surveillance brings the quality of your surveillance up to par with industry standards to maximize the use of your video surveillance feeds and optimize the security of your business.


What’s The Difference Between Analog And Digital?


While many of our customers operate digital systems, we recognize that many businesses may not have the infrastructure and require an analog video surveillance system. Not only is analog an extremely cost-effective solution, but its infrastructure can accommodate HD analog upgrades. This means that you can get HD quality video and produce individual RTSP streams for analytic detection. However, comprehensive site coverage is the most significant downside of analog as the cameras have a narrower field of view. You lose the flexibility of using a wireless network to extend coverage areas. 



Unlike analog, digital CCTV systems allow for more expansive fields of view with higher megapixel technology and wireless networking to extend coverage and map everything back to a single headend. Digital systems also tend to have higher quality video and audio capabilities. 

Generally, digital surveillance systems can capture and store more footage, which is especially helpful when events of loss, vandalism, and theft occur. This makes them more easily compatible with cloud-based solutions. When operators or administrators review footage to understand the event better. APL Access Security’s surveillance and monitoring services include features such as video analytics, voice-down technology, and mobile access from anywhere with an internet connection, making your system proactive instead of reactive. 


Why HD Is Your Best Bet

When it comes to security, the need for high resolution, color fidelity, and frame rate is critical to ensure that the video feed quality can be used for monitoring, preventative surveillance, and evidence if a crime does occur.

Many of today’s HD systems enable businesses to leverage the footage received from their cameras to help them see everything happening on the site with crystal clear precision. In the event of any criminal activity, having high-quality video footage aids operators and authorities in determining what’s actually occurred during the event and can also provide irrefutable evidence if any legal issues arise. 

Whether you’re operating analog or digital, upgrading to an HD video surveillance system will allow you to get the most out of video surveillance. Count on APL Access & Security to equip your space with HD CCTV/IP Video solutions customized to your needs so you can focus less on security and more on continued operations.

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