5 Noteworthy Trends Shaping Security in 2017


APL Access & Security helps you navigate the latest technology

With more than 30 years in the business, APL Access & Security’s longevity in the security marketplace speaks to our mission to address and evaluate new technology, while still presenting the best solution for customers in every vertical. The competencies, credentials and industry specific certifications we hold are core to our ability to target to your specific market and challenges.

Security has been elevated to a more significant stature than ever, with the ability to integrate new services and technologies that meet your growing business or address new needs. As technology continues its transformation, we stay ahead of the curve to service you better. Here are five trends we see shaping security in 2017:

  1. Greater interoperability between products and solutions—Security is the beginning journey, but today it’s rarely alone in a design specification. That’s because many different types of products are interoperable, or, with our engineering expertise, work in tandem. For example, electronic access control not only lets you fortify the building’s entrances and exits, but can also be paired with video cameras for visual notification and identification.
  2. The proliferation of the internet of Things (loT), data and analytics—loT is also redefining the physical security market. Research firm Gartner Inc., Stamford, Conn., predicts that by 2018 more than six billion connected devices will be transmitting and supported by networks. The category is defined as devices or sensors that connect, communicate or transmit information with or between each other through the internet. Interconnections with other devices continue to expand the realm of security and the possibilities for APL Access & Security to provide turnkey solutions, but we are ever mindful of inherent risks and the need for cyber security. That’s why all the products we select include safeguards, encryption and other processes so you are secured safely while your information remains uncompromised.
  3. Mobile technology and cloud computing—Using your smartphone as a method of physical access is becoming the norm and on pace to replace traditional credentials such as cards and key fobs. To date, some 92 percent of adults have smartphones and mobile technologies continue to proliferate the access control and intrusion detection markets. With easy to use APL Access & Security mobile apps you’re always connected to your facility’s security, no matter where you are.
  4. Remote servicing—Leveraging cloud computing and the ability to connect remotely to systems gives APL Access & Security the opportunity to help manage your system off site. We can assist with basic management changes, passwords and system reboots or handle all your security systems with our complete suite of managed services, leaving you to focus more fully on your core business competencies.
  5. Video brings business intelligence—Camera surveillance has been elevated from positive identification to operations and business process improvement. Networked IP cameras with analytics contribute to a better user experience, or assist with warehousing or even compliance and liability issues. Now, you can leverage your professionally designed and installed video surveillance systems for more than security.

APL Access & Security is your partner in safety and security. Contact us today at (480) 497-9471 for a free consultation on how to make use of all the latest technologies for a safer facility.


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