Getting America Back to Work with Cloud-Based Security Systems


As many American businesses revert back to normal operations, minimizing the risk of exposure to contagious illness for all is a top priority. At APL Access & Security, we understand your business has implemented new COVID-19 prevention protocols and policies to keep the workplace safe. If you haven’t already, it’s time to consider how you can utilize both existing and upgraded cloud-based security solutions to help make sure these policies are being effectively followed.

New Features of Cloud-Based Solutions

In the wake of the pandemic, video surveillance products and services have had innovative applications for purposes like temperature scanning, contact tracing, and social distancing monitoring. With cloud-based platforms, you can also set access limitations from one centralized location, including limitations based on symptom screening, virus testing, PPE compliance, and so much more. If your system also operates on a mobile device to manage this system, those permissions and authorizations can be conveniently updated anytime and anywhere.


Health & Safety Applications

Social Distancing & Occupancy:

With a  cloud-based access control or video security solution, you’ll be able to automatically customize limits on the number of individuals who have access to a particular space in the business at once – this makes social distancing more easily followed. You can also assign a maximum occupancy to any area to a specified number of individuals, and even revoke access to a particular space depending on occupancy or job function.

Health Screening:

Employee and visitor health screening and self-attestation statements can be implemented with a cloud-based platform. Tools like Brivo’s Mobile Pass can be used to identify users with COVID symptoms before they enter your building because by enabling self-screening for users by account or by specific sites. When a user opens their Brivo app on their phone, you can make it so that they’ll be prompted to answer a health-related questionnaire. Depending on their answers, users will only be able to access the office after completing the questionnaire and indicating that they meet health and safety guidelines laid out by your workplace policies. 

Contact Tracing

Lastly, cloud-based security platforms can aid in contact tracing. Many access control systems, particularly cloud-based ones, keep records of access, and are powerful indicators of potential contact incidents. Data feeds from a cloud-based platform will track and indicate changes in the activity of employees entering the building. If an employee is showing symptoms or is believed to have been exposed to someone with a confirmed illness, you can turn to your access control records to help guide the contact tracing process.

Ready to Get Your Head in the Cloud

As more and more business’ and facilities upgrade their security systems to the cloud, we’re here to help you find the solutions that work for you. We are a big fan of platforms like Brivo or Eagle Eye, so let’s talk about whether one of these systems might be the key to taking your business security to the next level. Not sure if it’s time for you to upgrade to the cloud? Don’t worry: APL Access & Security will never push a solution that isn’t a match for your needs. We take the time to learn about your needs to formulate a custom solution.

To learn more about cloud-based security platforms, reach out to APL Access & Security at 866-873-2288 today.

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