Hands-free Door Openings Usher In New Era in Awareness


Recent world events have caused most to rethink facility operations and to look for security technologies that help aid in preventing the spread of viruses. One important aspect of that process is limiting contact with highly touchable hard surfaces, such as doors and door handles. Due to these amplified concerns, contact-free doors are becoming essential in today’s landscape.

Proven In Healthcare Environments

Contact-free door switches are already a staple of the healthcare environment where the spread of disease is always a concern. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), on any given day about 1 in 25 hospital patients has at least one healthcare-associated infection. Research shows that insufficient hand hygiene on the part of healthcare workers contributes to higher infection rates. Healthcare workers’ hands sometimes are contaminated through indirect contact – touching contaminated objects and surfaces. After that occurs, viruses and bacteria can be passed from the healthcare worker’s hands to a patient. Because of this, hospitals employ preventative measures such as contact-free door switches to reduce those risks.

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Changing Expectations

Greater awareness drives expectations. Today those expectations are changing for how we manage public spaces. The public is now more aware and desirous of solutions that help them minimize contact with surfaces that could potentially harbor germs. Already a staple solution in places where managing these risks is already a priority, touchless-door opening solutions are becoming an expected solution in nearly every public building.

What Are the Advantages of Hands-Free Door Opening Solutions?

With a hands-free opening, hands stay clean from entry to exit. This minimizes the potential of viral spread, reduces health risks, improves hygiene, and increases peace of mind. The solution also helps improve the flow of indoor traffic which leads to a better use of space, improved productivity, and a better customer experience.

Our Top Recommendation

APL Access & Security is your partner in integrated security solutions including hands-free door opening solutions. Our top recommendation is NORTON ASSA Abloy wave-to-open, touchless solutions which require no additional power supply, precision sensors, and set to hold open options from 0 to 30 seconds.

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