Body Temperature Detection Cameras | COVID-19

Security Technology to Help Aid in COVID-19 Containment Support

Amid the worldwide COVID-19 crisis, thermal body temperature cameras are being widely deployed to assist in the slowing and halt of the pandemic. Using advanced temperature-detection capabilities, thermal cameras offer a technological, rapid response solution for efficient first-level screening capabilities, detecting those that have elevated temperatures that may be related to sickness.

How Do Body Temperature Detection Cameras Work?

Fever detection cameras use thermal technology and video analytics that detects temperatures and alerts when above a certain threshold. This allows facilities such as schools, hospitals, doctor offices, airports, emergency rooms, and other crowded places to identify symptomatic individuals before they enter the premises. 

APL Security is an Authorized FLIR Integrator

Although it is impossible to detect or diagnose coronavirus or other infectious diseases with thermal cameras alone, the technology can be used as a first-level screening in adjunct to other body temperature screening tools to detect elevated body temperature. Thermal imaging cameras are highly beneficial in high-traffic public spaces for a swift, non-contact method of fever detection. 

For this purpose, APL Access & Security recommends the FLIR A320 Tempscreen, fixed-mount thermal camera for elevated skin temperature screening. 

The FLIR A320 Tempscreen camera features:

  • Preconfiguration for monitoring individuals to find temperature deviations or elevated skin temperature
  • Difference temperature alarms with a dynamically updated reference temperature
  • Wide range of built-in analysis options
  • Alarm functionality
  • Autonomous communication using standard protocols
  • Features and functions to build distributed single or multi-camera solutions utilizing standard Ethernet hardware and software protocols

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Temperature detection cameras are just one of many valuable tools in slowing the spread of the virus. It is important to note that people with COVID-19 and other illnesses can be asymptomatic, may not yet have a fever, or may have taken fever reduction medications. However, fever detection with thermal cameras does provide additional data that was previously unavailable in a quick and streamlined way.

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