With so many security systems available today it can be a bit mind-boggling to sift through all the offerings. Believe it or not, that’s not the first important step. The most critical element is selecting a professional systems integration company that doesn’t just lead with product, but instead focuses on providing a solution that solves your security challenges now and into the future.

Here are three solid reasons why professional security companies are the right partners for safer, more secure business and enterprise properties:

Their expertise is unmatched, even for the toughest security challenges.

Professional security companies are experts at identifying risk and delivering solutions targeted to specific issues. They bring best-of-breed, tested technology to the prospect or client that’s tailored to address challenges – whether it’s an extra set of eyes with cameras on loading docks after hours or video analytics deployed to monitor customer’s buying habits in retail marketing. It begins with a consultative approach – listening to the customer and working out a plan implementing technology and business processes to get the job done. In addition, professional companies train, retrain and gain certifications in all kinds of disciplines, including critical infrastructure/government specifications, integrated systems, networking and software.

They aren’t just hawking any old technology—they deploy real solutions that work for their users.

Professional security systems integrators in Arizona do have certain manufacturers that they generally gravitate to, often based on the company’s track record, but will only stick with proven products that provide positive results for their customers. They beta-test new technology in house regularly, looking for a seamless, enhanced customer experience. They know how to integrate technologies with design-built engineering – again drawing upon their electrical and networking expertise to customize the system specification.

They’re in it for the long-haul, not just to add clients en masse.

Many professional security integration companies have been in the trades for decades, becoming increasingly tuned into safety, security and risk management. They aren’t in business simply to gain masses of new customers – but instead nurture with a personalized approach that brings new customers to their security family. Professional security companies are available for quick consults when an incident or change arises, so users can always count on them to be available for the information they need, along with the latest detection and protection for their facilities.

Not all security companies are created equal, and APL Access & Security stands above the rest. For more information on our services or a free consultation, contact APL Access & Security today at 866-873-2288.

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