Perimeter Detection Equals Higher Security


Outdoor and perimeter detection is your first line of defense in physical security protection. That’s because effective security is all about layering technologies and instituting safeguards, starting with the furthest points of the facility outdoors and with the overall goal to deter intruders before they become an actual threat or wreak havoc to your building or its occupants.

It’s not enough to have security at the door to your business. You need a fully integrated, total solution approach, and that’s where APL Access & Security has the expertise and know-how to successfully lessen and mitigate the potential for risk or loss.

Access control at the entrance and throughout your facility, as well as cameras and surveillance, are a must. But when there is only security at your door and not around the perimeter as well, it exposes your facility, making your occupants vulnerable to a multitude of potential hazards. Hardening and fortifying your exterior then becomes a critical issue and solutions can be designed in such a way to provide early warning and give your occupants time to protect themselves, take flight or call for assistance.

Start outside to eliminate threats

Technology for outdoor perimeter protection has evolved substantially, with refinements yielding pinpoint accuracy in detection. Products now integrate seamlessly with other solutions to more fully fortify your premises. Gates, fencing, structures, bollards, and even landscaping provide substantial deterrence. Wireless and hardwired disturbance or motion sensors on fences or gates integrate with video surveillance and access control to further ‘up’ the level of protection.

For the outdoor environment, today many security features are working together in tandem to more effectively keep your business safe, including video, access control, lighting, mass notification, emergency communication, intercoms, paging, campus lock-down, and gunshot detection. APL Access & Security is an expert in security planning and integrating technologies. We can implement the security roadmap and technology to assist with keeping threats and security challenges at bay and outside the reaches of your perimeter by emphasizing layering technologies with a designed solution that matches perfectly with your specific security issues or challenges.

Effective perimeter security is all about deterrence, real-time detection and delaying potential wrongdoing at your campus, office or place of business. Contact APL Access & Security today to learn how you can boost security outside your property. Call us today at 1-866-873-2288 for your personal consultation and site evaluation.

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