Video Gets High Marks for More than Security


Video is often the starting point in designing security specifications today and for good reason. It’s the workhorse of physical security, can be integrated with other technologies such as intrusion detection and access control and provides additional eyes and positive identification in areas where you can’t always be.

APL Access & Security provides the highest levels of expertise in security planning and executing the use of new or upgraded video cameras at your place of business. Video can do so much today– providing safeguards, intelligence and other data to assist with business operations–in addition to traditional security.

Perhaps you already have high-resolution cameras or are considering adding new devices. Networked surveillance, also referred to as IP cameras, can provide numerous other areas of functionality to assist with management of the business or augment its operations.

Here are five additional ways you can leverage video:

  • Video guardingIf you have a multi-tenant property, video can be used to replace or supplement guard service. Video guarding can be used overnight when a guard is not on duty or during other hours that you determine.
  • Concierge serviceOffice buildings and other properties can deploy video as a concierge or visitor management system, allowing deliveries and contractors in for services, or visitors after hours. Clips of visitors can be sent to management or the monitoring center for verification and approval of credentials.
  • Visual verification of alarms–The ability to verify an alarm by sending a live video stream or clip allows you to make a decision on the urgency of the situation and gather intelligence on what’s happening. Cities and municipalities may also require video verification of an event before dispatching responding authorities.
  • Remote monitoring–If you have a large campus or an isolated environment, you can use video to check operations, ensure compliance or examine processes without leaving your office.
  • Video-triggered alarms–Cameras can be used as alarm detection and to monitor sensitive areas. Analytics in cameras determine if the information from the disturbance requires a response and alerts the monitoring center or the end user with a clip or live stream of video.

Higher resolutions, greater stability and better catch performance through analytics have increased the capabilities and potential applications for video surveillance. APL Access & Security can help you assess your current needs or plan for the future.

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