Integrating Technology for Higher Security & Accountability


Integrated security solutions aren’t just marketing buzzwords or a sneaky sales tactic designed to get you to purchase more products. They represent the path to greater efficiency, connectivity, awareness, data, and security at your business or facility.

APL Access & Security is your integrated security solution provider in Arizona and we continue to look at ways to build stronger security systems by pairing complimentary technologies together in an effort to provide the highest level of service to our customers.

Integrated technologies allow our customers to utilize security services to the fullest extent with their security and access control systems.

For example, video surveillance cameras are great for providing extra eyes after hours, and for recording incidents that may occur. Coupled with electronic access control, they can also provide valuable information for your human resources department, documenting when employees enter and exit your building. In addition, you will have further video evidence available if supplies or large capital items, such as laptops or computers, go missing, so there’s an additional layer of data record and accountability. What about a warehouse or production location? Video can provide evidence in the event of a slip and fall or workplace injury.

How about audio capabilities? Some cameras now include the ability to listen in and record sound along with video for an added measure of security. Two-way audio allows professional central station operators to converse with employees or intruders on site, to determine why they are on the property if they are unauthorized or are there after hours.

Access control can also trigger video cameras in real-time, allowing you to have real-time documentation of activity. When an employee enters their card or PIN number, video surveillance engages to record footage or capture a snapshot of who is entering the area.

School lockdown and shooter detection systems now integrate seamlessly with access control solutions so administration or management can quickly close areas of the school for safety when an alert or a security compromise is detected.

Intrusion detection sensors may be deployed to alert of a potential intruder or track and monitor occupancy in the building for substantial energy savings. For example, once an employee leaves an area, the lights can automatically dim or turn off while the HVAC turns the temperature down. If an employee re-enters an area, lights power up or HVAC engages–also valuable after hours, or during holidays or vacations.

It has now become easier to integrate a variety of different technologies because of open platforms and non-proprietary systems. APL Access & Security is your partner and will work with you to design the most efficient and cost-effective integrated solution possible so you obtain the highest levels of security, safety, and business intelligence.

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