Funding on the Upswing for School Security

Funding on the Upswing for School Security

APL Access & Security can help plan your next project

APL Access & Security is your expert when it comes to school safety and security. We’re ready to discuss your options for installing new security or upgrading the system that you already have. We will sit down with you and discuss what your needs and challenges are, focusing on the consultative process before technology is planned, in order to give you exactly what you need for your facility and so that students, administration and parents can be assured that the plan is custom-tailored for the highest levels of safety and security.

The tragic incidents of school shootings is sad and alarming, but we strive to be proactive by designing tailored solutions for your facility before a crisis occurs.


There are currently many grants and other funding sources available for your next security system:

  • APL Access & Security is part of the Mohave and State contracts that schools can purchase under.
  • The signing of the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2018 (also known as the, “STOP School Violence Act”), provides $25 million in grants for school safety technology and equipment, in addition to emergency communications systems and coordination with law enforcement to enhance response capabilities and across the country.
  • There’s an upswing in funding being made available in the form of state and federal grants for total upgrades and improving security at schools.

Here are some details on the Act from the Security Industry Association (SIA), Silver Spring, MD. The second largest county in New Jersey (Burlington) announced plans to allocate $20 million of its capital budget to fund school security upgrades in 21 public high schools and in Wisconsin, some 20 schools have been awarded grants worth more than $1.3 million through the Wisconsin Department of Justice Safety Grant Program. Simply Google “school safety grants and funding for security” for more information on the funding support that might be available in your area or reach out to us for assistance.

Integrated technology

Technology should be directed towards the school population and pinpoint their specific needs. In SIA’s May 2018 Security Market Index, 29% of respondents said that improved access control was the most effective security technology or service investment for schools, followed closely by video surveillance (25%) and enhanced emergency communication (17%).

APL Access & Security recently deployed two different technologies for the school and campus market: Sielox Class™ Crisis Lockdown Alert Status System and Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System. (Check out one of our recent newsletters for more specifics on those solutions). In addition, APL Access & Security consultants will design and engineer a total solution that includes intrusion detection, intercoms, paging, emergency communications and other systems or services custom-tailored for your K-12 school or campus. We are experts in integration so you get the greatest benefit by utilizing the latest networking features and technologies for a robust and fully comprehensive solution. We focus on school security so you can focus on student development!

For a free consultation or site survey of your school facility, contact APL Access & Security today at 866-873-2288 to schedule an appointment.

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