School Lockdown & Shot Detection Technologies


During APL Access & Security’s 30-plus years in business, never did we realize that we would be called on to protect students from a gunman, assailant or terrorist. Now, providing this type of training and technology to the education vertical market as an integrated platform is critical. For K-12 educational facilities and campus wide, APL Access & Security provides the best, leading-edge systems for comprehensive safety and security of students, staff and visitors.

There are now many proven and emerging products helping provide proactive detection, protection and communication at school facilities. APL Access & Security is deploying two different technologies for the school and campus market: Sielox Class™ Crisis Lockdown Alert Status System and Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System. We have already successfully deployed this combination in an integrated solution–lockdown and shot detection—for a major regional school.  As designed, the system is an early warning device to detect gunshots and trigger access control system lockdown within the school building, as well as provide other immediate, real-time information.

Technology and advanced planning

Sielox Class is an award-winning crisis management solution that uses existing devices and networks, yet also provides administration, staff and responders with rich reporting as well as an audit trail after an incident. The technology is designed to reduce the time it takes for response—and provides first responders with chat, email and instant alerts of threatened locations with dynamic floor plans. It also integrates with video, access control, intercom and other solutions.

A graphical intuitive map provides real-time status representing five color conditions. The conditions are configurable based on facility procedures and include: Green-Safe/Secure; Yellow-Unaccounted Individual; Blue-Medical Emergency; Orange-Disturbance; and Red-Crisis Condition.

The Guardian system leverages acoustic gunshot identification software and infrared gunfire flash detection for accurate technology with a high rate of detection. Guardian simultaneously detects gunfire and immediately relays this information via a floor plan map with shot location, text, email and other communication pathways, notifying key personnel and building occupants with no human interpretation required. Integrated with physical security, it can trigger surveillance cameras, initiate lock-down protocols, send mass notification alerts to desktops and mobile devices and provide notification to first responders.

APL Access & Security is your trusted provider of integrated systems solutions for the K-12 and education market. It’s the peace of mind every school administrator and family deserves. Contact us today at 866-873-2288 for more information.

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