How the Cloud is Being Leveraged for Security

The advantages and benefits are clear

By now, you’re probably accustomed to doing your banking online, in the cloud. In security, cloud-computing offers many benefits and can help provide greater efficiency, flexibility, scalability and easy, web-accessible system management.

Cloud computing is used for management of integrated technologies, video surveillance and access control. With cloud-hosted security, you can manage levels of permissions for employees and subcontractors, control doors individually and make changes to the system from any web browser quickly and on the fly. And you’ll certainly love being able to log into the system on the weekend for deliveries or to check on who is in the facility during off hours.

At APL Access & Security, the cloud allows us to remotely service and maintain your system, often times without a costly site visit, saving your money. As your needs change, it’s easy to alter and control system parameters from the web—or quickly take a former employee offline when they leave the organization.

Programming and management can be performed in house through a single interface, or from any connected device. You’ll also have detailed record keeping of who entered and at what time, critical for facility management and human resources functions. As a bonus, cloud-hosted security systems can often times seamlessly integrate with your older, legacy components which may be still fully functional.

Cloud computing also readily supports open architecture so you can add new hardware without massive configuration, avoiding having to rip and replace your entire security ecosystem. It’s flexible, scalable and helps you attain a lower total cost of ownership—lessening your annual operating costs.

Systems that leverage the cloud also get automatic and regular software updates, without any intervention or work by the user. All data is automatically backed up, with full redundancy and with disaster recovery built in, keeping you worry free. In addition, cybersecurity is actually magnified with cloud security management platforms. Its software programs have been specifically engineered for safe data transmissions for the physical security environment. Using the cloud for access control and physical security management equates to heightened cyber and threat protection, as opposed to on-premises server systems.

Other benefits

If passwords and their potential compromise make you nervous, consider that secure cloud-hosted solutions don’t use default usernames and passwords. Instead, each user gets a unique password and additional security can be obtained with two-factor authentication attached to log-in credentials.  Finally, cloud software isn’t complicated and you won’t need an IT technician on staff to get it to work.

Cloud computing allows APL Access & Security to deliver a wide range of managed and remote services to you in all vertical markets.

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