The Real Difference Between Professional Security and DIY

Make sure your business has the highest levels of protection

You can’t watch your favorite cable program or surf the internet today without getting bombarded with marketing for Do-it-Yourself (DIY) or self-installed security systems. While they may have a place in some limited security applications, there are good reasons why a professionally designed, installed and monitored solution from APL Access & Security is critical to the safety and security at your business or property.

DIY and self-installed systems are not nearly as robust as professionally installed systems solutions. At APL Access & Security we custom-design each security system for the individual client and their business—taking into account challenges and issues at the protected premises. No one size fits all, so there’s no way a bare-boned DIY unit can stand up to the real security needs at your organization.

In addition, these types of systems are not designed for commercial specifications. They can’t capture all the detailed information that’s needed for accountability and certainly won’t reliably record video streams that can later be used for positive identification in criminal cases or liability claims. They may include limited video surveillance, but as far as electronic access control in a DIY or self-installed product—it simply doesn’t exist. And the type of systems that simply notify of a breach with a video clip to the smartphone and no professional monitoring leave a customer on their own to call responding authorities or figure out what to do in the event there is an actual break in or other incident in progress.

Here’s what professionally installed systems from APL Access & Security bring to the table:

Highest level of support.

Who’s there to support you after you install a DIY system? With DIY systems, no one. With APL Access & Security we are always available to assist with questions or help with upgrades when your security needs change or you add space or new locations.

Connection with trusted advisors and industry experts.

Who installs your system is just as important as the components and technology. When APL Access & Security installs your system you can count on management, consultants, sales team and technicians to keep you well informed of any security trends that may affect your business, or discuss any questions or concerns you may have, 24/7.

A company with its eye on trending security issues and challenges.

We live and breathe security, attend the latest conferences and are up to speed on new or changing regulations that may have an effect on your security so we can pass this expertise along to customers. We also carry the latest industry credentials and certifications.

A longtime business partner who has your back.

With more than 30 years in the business, our customers are part of our extended family. We go to great lengths to make sure your protection and detection is perfectly suited to your business so you can avoid loss, liability, safety or security issues.

The go-to firm as your needs change.

Your organization is probably rapidly evolving and APL Access & Security is your partner for everything security and integrated solutions. We take pride in helping our customers with small matters that may arise or larger problems that need to be addressed quickly and professionally.

A professionally installed security system engineered specifically for your business can mean the difference between the highest levels of protection and a false sense of security. APL Access & Security is the company you want on your team.
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