The State of Security in 2018

4 significant industry developments for the New Year

It’s no secret that the security industry is changing rapidly. The ongoing transformation is bringing new capabilities to your security, surveillance and life safety systems—resulting in an even stronger return on investment and value proposition.

Security in 2018 will continue to move into cloud computing, mobile technology, wireless and intelligent detection, with the ability to gather new data from sensors and devices and capture real-time information on the status of your solution. Solutions will focus on physical security and proactive detection and prevention, but also deliver new insights you can leverage to run your business better or assist with marketing and operations. It’s a whole new way to look at security.

APL Access & Security prides itself on being progressive. We examine and stay current with new services and products that may help our customers be more efficient and provide better risk detection. We look beyond the latest hype to fully examine the potential appropriateness of new technology, weighing overall cost versus benefit.

Here’s what we believe will be 4 significant developments for the security industry in 2018:

1. The continued emphasis on the internet of things and connected devices.

As this trend proliferates, we view it as a way to provide increased integration between existing systems and services and add new capabilities easily. With more connected devices there’s more information to be gleaned from the facility, so specified properly, it can be a winning business proposition.

2. Cyber security

It will be upon all of us, service providers and users, to address new and ongoing challenges for providing safeguards and to avoid malicious takeovers of networks and data. At APL Access & Security, we work closely with our supplier partners to make sure their products are cyber hardened—before we spec it for an installation. We take cyber threats seriously and will continue to monitor current and emerging circumstances while maintaining transparency to customers.

3. Cloud computing continues to grow

Everyone is familiar with and more comfortable with the cloud—for banking, shopping and other services. We embrace the cloud for its inherent cyber security, automatic backups, ease of use, and the ability to quickly make changes and remotely manage security and access control solutions. It’s sure to play an even bigger role in 2018.

4. The smartphone moves to primary access control credential

More and more, we are using our smartphones for everyday conveniences and soon, using mobile credentials will become commonplace for accessing our offices and businesses—more so than cards or fobs.

We want to be your trusted advisor to all things security, safety, risk and business intelligence related. APL Access & Security is here to advise on any challenges and issues as we look forward to a successful 2018 for everyone.

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