Getting Employees on Board with Security

How to get the whole team involved in a more holistic approach

It’s in the news daily. No company today is immune from cyber security breaches and the potential loss of critical data. Unfortunately, many of these are now insider threats, coming from employees or subcontractors to a business. While this is an extreme example for most businesses, it’s important that the whole team at your business is on board with security to minimize these and other potential threats.

One simple thing employees can do is to make sure they are updating their login passwords regularly and use two-factor authentication, such as a password and the use of a specific credential or device to access the company network. They should avoid, if possible, using their own devices on the company network—known as Bring Your Own Device, as this can also lead to potential vulnerabilities. There are other simple things your employees can do to further bolster the physical security and safety at your facility.

Discuss your security objectives

Start by having a conversation about security with the team and how every employee needs to be the eyes and ears of the business to prevent problems or potential incidents. Let them know how important it is to you that they are safe and secure every day at the workplace and how critical it is that they are on board with the technologies and procedures you have in place.

When it comes to accessing the facility, make certain employees each use their own credentials and don’t buddy punch or use other’s cards or codes. They should never share them, because the information from access control is now often integrated with human resources software for timekeeping and payroll. In addition, if there is a breach or capital equipment goes missing, it’s important to know who was in the facility at the time of the occurrence.

During regular hours, employees greeting visitors should get information on who they are and who they will be visiting. Verify this before letting the visitor into the main area of the business if possible. If someone arrives without a set appointment, notify upper management immediately. Many companies make copies of visitor’s driver’s licenses as well. For companies with intrusion detection, locking devices and access control, never let anyone into the building without an appointment or who hasn’t been approved prior. Doors should be locked and intrusion detection engaged regularly and immediately after hours. This can also now be done via smartphone apps. If employees are still in the building after hours, intrusion detection can be individually set for specific zones or areas, such as the front or back doors only, so these workers won’t trigger an alarm as they move about.

Employees need to be aware of their general surroundings, including adjacent buildings, outside areas and parking lots. If they see a disturbance, they should report it immediately so it doesn’t escalate and into the building. If the business next door happens to be part of a protest or other gathering event, advise employees to take extra precautions while entering and leaving the office and so they aren’t followed into the building.

As your total security solution provider, APL Access & Security does much more than provide hardware systems. We are a trusted advisor to help our customers be safer and more secure in everything they do. Our expertise in security is something we want to share, and these are ways you can make sure your team is on board with security procedures at your business.

Security and safety is all about being proactive and working to detect and deter before something occurs. Your team, once it knows your goals and philosophy, will be an important part of making it all work smoothly, resulting in a safer work environment.

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