Is Your Access Control System Due for an Upgrade?


Take your security to the next level with IP-based security

Access control is a mainstay of security, protecting the perimeter and spaces within a facility or commercial building. The technology, like other products, has changed dramatically over the last several years and dropped in price, with a new breed of network-connected electronic access control emerging and bringing a higher level of intelligence to the security opening.

Moving to internet-based (IP) electronic access control offers users greater security, control and new applications. IP access systems let you manage and program openings remotely and also allows easier administration and better accountability of users. In addition, IP access control integrates seamlessly with other solutions, such as video surveillance, intrusion and audio/intercoms to further raise the level of security. The ability to connect to and integrate with a wide range of hardwired and wireless devices and also readily incorporate legacy-based or older systems is another benefit of the technology.

Security control and business intelligence

With IP access solutions you can leverage your security investment more fully – using history and recordkeeping for human resources, or couple it with video to get a real-time look into who’s coming or leaving the facility, or if someone unauthorized tries to enter. You can manage the system from your smartphone or other connected device and quickly delete access permissions and change or modify credentials without physically going to the door – boosting operational efficiency and convenience. Multi-tenant owners can improve their operating costs while managing their properties remotely — granting access or making changes without traveling to the site. Audit trails and other reporting further enhances the solution and delivers a stronger return on investment (ROI).

Network-based access control systems not only capture additional intelligence, but also allow you to leverage your current infrastructure. IP-based access control can be deployed using standard Ethernet cabling and the existing network drop, saving labor costs associated with pulling cable. When you want to add doors, the solution can be scaled up easily, one or multiple doors at a time. Once your facility has moved to an IP-based environment, the technology can be applied wherever you need it – at a single location or multiple sites across the campus, enterprise or even the globe.

Migrating from an existing legacy access control system to IP-based makes it simpler for organizations to operate, expand and customize their physical access control infrastructure, while leveraging new capabilities like multi-site management and power over Ethernet technologies. All this can significantly reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). For a site assessment, consultation or information about IP access control solutions, contact APL Access & Security today at (866) 873-2288.

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