System Maintenance and Routine Checks

Keep your system healthy and maximize uptime

Service and maintenance is not a bad thing. In fact, it’s a proactive measure that ultimately is designed to keep your integrated solution running optimally to avoid any type of system outage that might affect business continuity and operations.

Many realtors now offer the perk of homeowner’s warranties for buyers. These plans protect against unforeseen circumstances – such as broken plumbing, inoperable HVAC or appliances that go on hiatus after the new owner settles in. While these agreements may not be put to use, they are an added insurance policy that if something does happen service or replacement will be covered.

APL Access & Security takes this concept further – advocating regular system maintenance and checks so that you are always aware of any issue or challenge which may affect your facility. Let’s say you’ve been having trouble with an electronic lock or access control. Sometimes it works flawlessly and other times it takes numerous times to open. With a visit from APL Access & Security technicians we can assess this situation before it turns into your entire staff getting locked out just prior to the day’s start time. Maybe it was the connection or wiring, or even the backup battery for the lock. By addressing the situation before a loss of operation occurs we can help save you valuable time and money and keep your facility fortified 24/7.

Integrated systems solutions are not fully plug and play and require ongoing care. From the moment solutions are installed they need to be supported so you have full functionality. APL Access & Security uses data derived from system usage and other history reports to assess the current viability of systems at the protected premises.

Security is sophisticated technology

Integrated systems continue to grow in size, with many components working in tandem and combination and requiring extra care. Think about a hospital with a combination of systems talking to each other, such as nurse call, real-time location solutions, panic alarms, access control, CCTV, sirens and annunciators. Security technology has become more sophisticated and computer/software-based, requiring regular attention.

We collect and provide history reports and forward-looking analytics to customers based on key performance indicators culled from service work. For example, there may be an ongoing trend of service calls for a particular technology or piece of equipment, indicating the need for replacement. Based on this information we can anticipate issues and proactively address potential failures before they occur. This also allows you to plan and budget for new equipment or upgrades which may be necessary in the future.
There are many devices that require regular checks. Perhaps the housings of cameras require cleaning or dusting for an unobscured view. Maybe the view of the cameras has changed because of a new structure or landscape that’s grown or changed. The wiring and connections of network video recorders should also be checked for stability and to make sure they have not loosened from activity near the unit. A visual inspection and manual check of all system components and cabling is a simple way to ascertain the highest levels of security for your office or business.

We can also test the intrusion detection alarm and sensors and their field of view, particularly important if you have added or changed the configuration of work spaces within the office.
Often, APL Access & Security can remotely troubleshoot systems, without the high costs of labor and rolling a truck to your customer site. It’s another positive way we execute our service and maintenance agreements and provide proactive managed services. Service and maintenance is a positive approach and provides the eyes and ears for better security at your business. Contact us today to learn more.

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