System Monitoring: Leave it to the Professionals


Each day, consumers are inundated with email, television and internet ads boasting the latest do-it-yourself or self-monitored security system. The reality is that only professionally designed and installed security systems can provide you the highest level of detection and protection for your business and facility.

So while it’s cool and all the rage to be able to see a video clip of an intrusion alarm or other alarm event piped directly to your smartphone, it’s not the end-all and be-all as far as what security really can and should be today. The smartphone and video surveillance is perfect to check in on the protected premises, or verify a delivery was made, or that employees left the store organized and in order after the day is over. It’s a great convenience function but can’t compare to the advantages of a professionally monitored integrated system specification.

If there is an actual incident and you don’t have a professionally monitored system, how do you handle that on your own? Can you contact the police authorities directly to alert them? Of course you can, but that’s a delay in what might be a dangerous security situation in progress. Let’s say you are on vacation somewhere across the globe. It can be difficult to contact your local authorities without a direct number, as the 911 location services most likely will not work

What’s a professional central station?

Central stations are state-of-the-art monitoring centers staffed by trained professionals who know how to respond to all kinds of events, whether it’s an actual break-in, alert on water detection, or just the cleaning staff that’s inadvertently tripped the system. Dispatchers at central stations are at the ready 24/7 and can ascertain the situation, communicate with persons on site if two-way audio is available and relay calls immediately to police, fire or paramedics if there’s an emergency situation in progress.  They can give responding authorities critical details, such as what the intruder is wearing, the location of the break-in or other real-time event information.

APL Access & Security uses the highest accredited central monitoring center to serve our customers—carrying top credentials from Underwriters Laboratories, Factory Mutual, The Monitoring Association and others. The focus is on timely response and delivering the highest quality service to our customers. The central station is redundant, which means your facility has back up in the event of a disaster or other event, always keeping you covered.

So while mobile apps and smartphones are great for additional peace of mind and convenience, they are no replacement for monthly, professional central station monitoring.

APL Access & Security has over 30 Years of business excellence and provides a full array of leading security technology and services in Tucson, AZ and security technology and services Phoenix, AZ, including best-in-class central station monitoring. Contact us today at 866-873-2288 for more information.

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