What is your vision of security? How do you want your facility and employees protected, and what’s most important to you?

Your vision of security is individual and depends on what you are trying to achieve as far as safety and security. Finding the right solution starts with a close look at any risks, challenges, and issues and should involve all security, IT and other stakeholders at your company or operations. Once you’ve determined your specific needs with a risk assessment—whether perimeter detection, door control or surveillance of sensitive areas or warehouse operation, it’s time to tailor the solution to meet those requirements. That’s where a professional systems integration company like APL Access & Security steps in as your trusted consultant, advisor and business partner.

Integrated systems yield results

Leveraging integrated security solutions today offers a great wealth of opportunity in specification for the user. With the continued move to increasingly networked components there’s so much you can do with your system that goes beyond security and enters into business process improvement and even business intelligence and consumer marketing with data and analytics that can be procured from some solutions. In addition, with network connectivity or IP-based products, integration between different devices, sensors, and systems is easier to attain. That’s important as more devices and sensors become available and connected through the internet of Things—and everything moves to become cohesively connected and working together.

APL Access & Security works with you in a consultative approach to outline the solution based on your risk profile. Do you want to be able to use video surveillance to check in on your business remotely after hours with your smartphone, or unlock the doors for maintenance crews? What about using motion detectors to control HVAC and gain real energy savings? Maybe you want tighter controls and history of who is coming in and out of doors through access control. For schools, school lockdown systems and shooter detection technologies are gaining ground as accepted and necessary daily protection for students and faculty.

No matter what your vision is for your next integrated security project, APL Access & Security is the security expert who can get you targeted results.
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