No Matter What Time of Year—School Security Stays Top of Mind


In just a few short months, school will be over and summer vacation will be in full swing! For APL Access & Security no matter what time of year it is we stay focused on providing the best consultative and technology solutions for the K-12 education markets, watching for new developments and potential systems that may assist in bolstering safety and security.

As specialists in integrated systems and school security, APL Access & Security always takes a consultative approach first—and only suggests technology that can solve the challenges or issues in a cost-effective manner that do not impede the education process or movement of students and faculty within the structure. We implement a layered and tiered approach to securing and hardening school buildings and campuses—relying on an initial assessment of potential risk, current security measures, possible past breaches and any incidents or history that may be part of the overall discussion leading up to the proposal for the installed solution.

We listen first, design second

Every K-12 building and facility is different, and the entire campus requires a walk-through with stakeholders to identify possible soft target locations that may be compromised. Maybe it’s a back door that needs extra control, or a data center with sensitive information.  Only after an assessment of the property’s perimeter and characteristics, building perimeter and classroom and interior locations do we begin to discuss and work on our design. We identify key safety and security components, as well as suggest policies, procedures, training, architectural components and finally technology—electronic locks, access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection and alarms, school lockdown, duress and the latest shooter detection technologies.

We have secured many schools and educational facilities in the region and recently began deploying two different technologies for the school and campus market which we feel are game-changers: Sielox Class™ Crisis Lockdown Alert Status System and Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System. These solutions have proven to protect students and stakeholders and provide the time and notification necessary to provide a safer overall campus.

When it comes to school security, you need the expertise of APL Access & Security on your side. There are many different service providers and systems available—but technology must always be tailored to the specific school or campus. Our consultants will design and engineer a total solution that includes intrusion detection, intercoms, paging, emergency communications, and other systems or services, like lockdowns or shooter detection.

For a free consultation, information on the latest school security, or a site survey of your facility to determine the effectiveness of currently installed systems, contact APL Access & Security today at 866-873-2288 and schedule your appointment.

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