Video Beyond Physical Security


Now you can leverage cameras for more than security

The use of video surveillance for physical security continues to grow. According to recent research by IHS, a leading security industry research firm, there were 245 million professionally-installed video surveillance cameras active and operational globally in 2014.

Those numbers will continue to increase and now, Internet Protocol (IP) networked cameras are becoming increasingly specified, as their prices continue to drop while their capabilities mount. Networked cameras bring additional value to physical security commercial premises because they can be leveraged for more than just physical security – adding data and business intelligence to the equation.

The counterparts to networked cameras are analog devices. They don’t have the inherent ‘smarts’ of IP cameras but can still be leveraged to produce enhanced information. This is accomplished easily with the addition of hardware such as encoders that take the signal and digitize it for the network. So for those customers with legacy or older analog units, there are still ways to use current cameras effectively to get every ounce of security out of the devices. When you are ready, APL Access & Security can help you migrate to newer technology, at your pace, thanks to some of these and other ‘bridge’ hardware products now on the market.

Video cameras are also perfectly suited for businesses which may not have a receptionist, so occupants can be alerted when a visitor approaches. Coupled with motion detectors, they sound an alert or chime or indicate on a computer or other connected device that someone is waiting at the entrance.

Cameras also increasingly include on-board video analytics. These smart cameras include software that can be programed to look for certain types of behavior or changes in the scene. For example, heat mapping- a common analytic, provides users with graphics that indicate the route patrons took during a store visit, or dwell time, which is how long a customer stops at a retail store display. Another analytic can alert management when checkout lines have surged, so more cashiers can be brought to the front of the store. These applications yield new intelligence that can be parlayed into better management and operations. Analytics are applicable to more than just retail. In warehousing, analytics can be used to assess stocking operations and when more hardware or other goods must be ordered, or even when a distribution line process has failed or gone awry.

APL Access & Security always custom-tailors the solution for your business. We assess what you want to accomplish and only then suggest appropriate technology. Video surveillance is great for safety, security and overall to address identification and even liability claims. But when you want to enhance your specification and add deeper intelligence, networked IP cameras and those with software analytics may be in order. Contact APL Access & Security today to learn how you can extend video beyond physical security.

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